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Many companies offering investment focus primarily on the financial aspects, forgetting that people with vision are what really make the difference.

Why us

There are many different types of private equity company. Each offers similar investments and has funds available to invest on comparable terms. The choice really comes down to whether or not both parties feel they can work together



We are passionate about working alongside good people with great ideas and we believe the strength of relationship between investor and investee is the single most important factor.

Available capital


We have available capital and is ready to invest in new projects. The principles of our investments have been investments across a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energy, software and electronics in general.

You run the business


We are active investors and likes to be involved, but allows you to operate your business. We have access to an extensive network of skilled and experienced people from a wide range of industries and can hopefully help in many ways.

When to enter


We like to be involved in startup companies with venture capital, but also focuses on established companies with ambitions to grow to the next level. We are not concerned with a fixed structure and offers a variety of financing and financing options to suit many needs.

We are interested in your opportunity, how it can be tackled and, most importantly, where it takes us collectively.


Our ambition

Being a contributing factor to the development of successful products and solutions.


Baseplan AS

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