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Better to talk to interesting people with great ideas than restricting our vision to a particular industry or market niches.

Who are we


If you have a well thought out business plan, it will make it quicker and easier for us to engage with you. We are keen to meet you in order to build a proper understanding of your motivation, and of course to hear how you and your company work. We are always ready for a conversation, and always keep an open mind.

Richard Leithe




After working a few years in the craft industry to build modern house, I took on new studies in 2015. My interests are primarily in the construction and building, and investments.

I started in the Baseplan because I believe that private investment is about to roll up your sleeves, work diligently and invest in exceptional people and interesting businesses.

Geir Jenssen

Executive Chairman


I worked 5 years as constructor of a team that developed electronics. Then I started a separate company, CAD service that exclusively did design work of PCBs. For the last 25 years I have been the manager in Elreg AS. There has been a steep learning curve that has proven to be a very exciting and challenging job.




We collect external financial kompentans assistance when needed.




We collect remote technical assistance when needed and has a large network of individuals and organizations that are cost effective in the development, production and testing.

We achieve satisfaction in building relationships with and work closely with creative business leaders and share their success.


Our ambition

Being a contributing factor to the development of successful products and solutions.


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