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In a nutshell, we find people with great business opportunities, tailor investment to the opportunity and work together to achieve growth

What we do

What we do is very simple. We help people with an interesting business opportunity that requires investment to make it happen. We sit down with the and listen to their vision, their motivation and, of course, their business opportunity and plans. Based on this we deside if this is an interessting case for us to be involved in.



We will evaluate the risk versus the reward of the opportunity, the investment sum required and the possible structure for the investment. Typically this will be a combination of equity capital and finance, which satisfies the our investment criteria.



Providing the outline structure appeals to both parties, the due diligence activity be initiated. This is a process where all aspects of the business plan and financial performance will come under detailed evaluation.



On an ongoing basis progress and performance will be monitored and the we will normally appoint a director to sit on the Board of the investment entity.

Exit plan


At an agreed point in the future, we will either want to execute the exit plan or look to extend the investment. As ever, this will depend on both the business circumstances and investment needs going forward.

If you have a well-thought out business plan most of these details will already exist, which will make it quicker and easier for us to engage with you.


Our ambition

Being a contributing factor to the development of successful products and solutions.


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