Baseplan AS

an investment company which helps you to develop products and ideas.

Our purpose is:

Investing in companies and contribute with capital, knowledge and experience to realize new products and ideas

Baseplan AS is a Norwegian industrial and finance company that takes a long, active ownership in companies with national and international potential. Baseplan AS is 100 % owned Norwegian investment company, and financial activities through investments in a broad range of asset classes, while asset allocation takes into account both the returns and the overall risk profile.

Investments in companies


Baseplan AS have available capital and seeks ambitious companies that are looking for a partner for future growth

Investment experience


We have investment experience in many sectors and invests primarily in small and medium-sized Norwegian companies.



Electronics, IT, oil/offshore service industry, telecom, health, property and various service industries



The company's strategy is also to acquire and own properties in central locations .

We believe that we are very different than many of the investors to meet. We are long-term in our perspective and expect our investment relationship will last as long as is necessary to realize these ambitions, be it five or ten years. Naturally, we want to create value for entrepreneurs investing in and ourselves, but what motivates us is mainly to see tangible, lasting results in the projects we enter.


Our ambition

Being a contributing factor to the development of successful products and solutions.


Baseplan AS

Nedre Rommen 5

0988 Oslo



Contact us

Tel: (+47) 90 12 99 79


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